Enable LiteSpeed crawler on WordPress & cPanel

To enable LiteSpeed Crawler option server-wide in cPanel, edit the following file


By the official cPanel docs, only the following is mandatory:

<IfModule Litespeed>
 CacheEngine on crawler

But I also recommend setting the following values to limit the crawler as shown on the image below:

CacheRootfolder in which to store the cached files
CRAWLER_USLEEPputs a minimum allowed value on the Delay field
CRAWLER_LOAD_LIMITsets a default for the Server Load Limit field
CRAWLER_LOAD_LIMIT_ENFORCEsets a maximum allowed value on the Server Load Limit field
pre main globalconf 1024x645 - Enable LiteSpeed crawler on WordPress & cPanel

Afterward, restart LSWS, install and activate the LiteSpeed WordPress plugin

Set the crawler in WordPress:

crawler cron 1024x517 - Enable LiteSpeed crawler on WordPress & cPanel

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