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Hi, I’m Stefan Pejčić. I am a virtualization architect, system administrator, WordPress plugin developer, cPanel partner and Python developer.

In my 10+ years of working in IT I’ve concluded one thing:
 technology is easy, it’s the people that are hard.

Everybody takes IT folks for granted, only noticing them when something is not working. And when those situations happen, we either come up with a quick solution or use a strategy that worked in the past. PCx3 is a blog that provides exactly that: How To's and hacks that worked for me, and hopefully they'll help other sysadmins as well.

Thank you for stopping by.

Latest articles

Create bulk email accounts in cPanel

Lately I’ve been dealing a lot with email accounts in cPanel: Bulk change cPanel mailbox quota for all email ✉️ accounts and Bulk delete ✉️ email forwarders in cPanel. Here is how to bulk create email accounts in...

Wordpress background web design image in Backgrounds and Textures category at pixy.org

Find older WordPress versions

This one-liner will help to find all WordPress installations running a specific version, where the current latest is 5.6 locate wp-includes/version.php | xargs grep "wp_version = " | grep -v " = '5-6'" A more efficient shell script that will scan...

b374k shell 🐚 3.2

Here is yet another PHP Shell which I stumbled upon today. It’s pretty basic and allows an attacker to do pretty much the same as with any other shell. And here is the obfuscated code for the b374k shell 3.2: <?php function...

SQL String Concatenation

Have you ever wanted to retrieve a list of values from a table, storing the results in a string? Here is simple yet effective method without having to rely on cursors, while loops, or other complex structures. declare @string varchar(8000) select...