Adobe ColdFusion

ColdFusion is both a commercial rapid web-application development computing platform and a programming language used with that platform, though is more accurately known as CFML.

images - ColdFusion Force Header and Output Buffer 🔄 Reset

ColdFusion Force Header and Output Buffer 🔄 Reset

This will remove all html/text output in your page execution prior to running it. Handy if you need to get rid of some white space or, in my case today, output from code that is outside your control. <cfscript>out = getPageContext().getOut();...

New interface - Handling Null in ColdFusion 👨‍💻

Handling Null in ColdFusion 👨‍💻

CF uses duck typing to deal with variable types: if it quacks like a date, it must be a date.  More on duck typing When ColdFusion gets a null back from a Java function, it is much like a duck through a jet engine.  It is going to...

cf log fetch - ⚠️ CVE-2010-2861

⚠️ CVE-2010-2861

A new Adobe hotfix for ColdFusion has been released recently. The vulnerability which was discovered by Richard Brain was rated as important by Adobe and could affect a large number of Internet-facing web servers. How does the...