Sample postwwwacct.dir scripts

This directory contains some sample scripts that can be dropped into /etc/postwwwacct.dir. Note that you need to be root to set up this stuff, which means usually that you’ll need a dedicated server or VPS to run these scripts (a very supportive host may agree to run them, but it’s unlikely)!

To have these scripts run when an account is created, drop them into /etc/postwwwacct.dir and make them executable as mentioned in postwwwacct.dir. Scripts that aren’t executable will be ignored (with message).

argtest                 06-Mar-2005 13:52     1k  
check_spammer_domains   04-Jul-2007 18:21     2k  
copy_userdomains        31-Aug-2005 22:26     1k  
dumper                  15-Mar-2006 02:45     1k  
fido.index_rename       29-Mar-2006 02:38     1k  
mailscanner.fulfil      29-Mar-2006 01:28     1k  
rndc_reload             29-Mar-2006 01:28     1k  
silent                  06-Mar-2005 15:53     1k  
zz_jump_to_cpanel       29-Mar-2006 01:20     1k  
zzz_undo                13-Nov-2006 00:47     1k 
Stefan Pejcic
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