Moving Jetbackup’s jetindexd directory

Moving Jetbackup’s jetindexd directory

On Jetbackup < v5.3.0  there is a known bug with WiredTiger that jetindex is based upon, causing the jetindexd directory to grow in size when using S3 storage.

2023 03 27 09 50 1 - Moving Jetbackup's jetindexd directory
2023 03 27 09 50 - Moving Jetbackup's jetindexd directory

If you are running out of space on the /usr partition, temporary workaround for the problem is to move the jetindexd directory to another partition. To do this:

  1. Ensure that no restores or backup jobs are currently running.
  2. Remove/disable jetindexd and service monitoring from any monitoring tools that auto-restart stopped services, such as Chkservd in cPanel. (WHM > Service Configuration > Service Manager)
  3. Stop the jetindexd and jetbackup5d services:
service jetindexd stop
systemctl disable jetindexd
service jetbackup5d stop

4. MOVE the jetindexd directory to the home directory

mv /usr/local/jetapps/var/lib/jetindexd /home/jetindexd

5. Create the symlink. Verify the symlink exists in the expected path

ln -s /home/jetindexd /usr/local/jetapps/var/lib/jetindexd

6. Verify for safety before starting services

ls -ld /home/jetindexd
ls -al /usr/local/jetapps/var/lib/jetindexd

7. Start the jetindexd service.

service jetindexd start
systemctl enable jetindexd
service jetindexd status

8. Restart JetBackup 5 services

service jetbackup5d restart
service jetmongod restart
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