mod_userdir – cPanel temporary URL

mod_userdir – cPanel temporary URL

For servers where ‘mod_userdir’ module is enabled, you can access your websites via temporary URLs instead of the domain name.

The format of this temporary URL is usually ‘https://ipaddress/~user/

The ‘ipaddress’ used is the server’s shared IP address. It can be replaced with the server’s hostname also. The name of the cPanel user account in the server is specified as the ‘user’ field of the URL.

For add-on domains, the cPanel temporary URL is ‘https://ipaddress/~user/path_outside_public_html/’

In case you use WordPress, please note that websites that use the mod_rewrite or other directives in their .htaccess files will not function correctly when visitors view them through mod_userdir URLs.

By default cPanel disables this feature due to security reasons, to enable it go through the below documentation:

Apache mod_userdir Tweak – Version 82 Documentation – cPanel Documentation

To allow access of temporary URL’S for specific users than you put the desired users in the ‘additional users‘ section for ‘DefaultHost (nobody)’ under ‘Apache mod_userdir Tweak’ in WHM.

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