How to suspend / terminate cPanel accounts

If you have a larger churn rate you probably have multiple user accounts that are not in use.

In order to check suspended accounts go to: WHM > List Suspended Accounts or 

ls /var/cpanel/suspended
suspended - How to suspend / terminate cPanel accounts

To suspend an account:

/scripts/suspendacct USERNAME

You can also add notes to the suspension so that you don’t have to guess why the account is suspended:

/scripts/suspendacct USERNAME 'Reason for suspension here'

To prevent resellers from unsuspending the account you can add 1 at the end:

/scripts/suspendacct USERNAME 'Reason for suspension here' 1

To unsuspend an account:

/scripts/unsuspendacct USERNAME

In order to terminate accounts: WHM > Terminate an Account

gif - How to suspend / terminate cPanel accounts

or you can use the following command to terminate an account:

/scripts/killacct <user> <y/n>

(y/n indicating whether to save the DNS records)

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