Bulk delete ✉️ email forwarders in cPanel

Bulk delete ✉️ email forwarders in cPanel

Email forwarders in cPanel are stored in file /etc/valiases/domain

*Where domain is the domain name under which email forwarders are created.

To bulk delete email forwarders in cPanel you can edit this file with your favorite text editor:

nano /etc/valiases/domain.com

The format in which email forwarders are stored is the following:

from: to
*: username

for example:

this-address-forwards-all emails@domain.com:   to-this-one@domain.com
and-this-one-forwards-all emails-also@domain.com:   but-to-this-address@domain.com

and at the end of the file don’t forget to put: 

 *: username
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