How to Change the cPanel FTP port 🔢

How to Change the cPanel FTP port 🔢

If you are looking to change the Ftp port on your server from 21 to a non-standard port say 2121, you need tweak the ‘bind’ option in the Ftp configuration file.  On a cPanel server with pure-ftp as a Ftp server, you need to edit the pure-ftpd.conf file

nano /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

Search for the line:


and add the following line below it

Bind *,2121

where, 2121 is the new port you want the Ftp server to listen to.

Save the Ftp configuration and restart the ftp service.

service pure-ftpd restart

Using the netstat command you can check if the new port is in ‘LISTEN’ state

netstat -al | grep 2121
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