Find all WordPress installations and export their databases

This simple script will search for all wp-config.php files in a directory, pull the database name and create a backup of it.

for wpinstall in $(find "$(pwd)"/ -type f -name wp-config.php | sed 's/wp-config.php//g') 
	echo "$wpinstall"
	dbname=$(grep DB_NAME "$wpinstall"/wp-config.php | grep -v WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT | cut -d \' -f 4)
	echo "Database Name: $dbname"
	echo "Creating backup folder /backup/wpdb"
		mkdir -p /backup/wpdb
	echo "Backing up databases to /backup/wpdb"
        /usr/bin/mysqldump "$dbname" | gzip > /backup/wpdb/"$dbname".sql.gz

Stefan Pejcic
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