Send a message to users RDP’d to server

There are already 2 users logged on a server via remote desktop protocol (RDP) and We want to ask them nicely to logout so that We can join. We will be using a buil-in utility in Windows called MSG. It is a utility to send a message to a user that’s currently logged onto a system.

To send a message to a remote server, from the terminal:

msg * /server:SERVER1 /time:30 /v "Could either USER1 or USER4 logout until 1PM? I need access to prepare for the migration next week"
*send message to all active sessions
/serverthe name of the server we’re sending message to
/time:30We are giving users 30 sec. to acknowledge the message

The message displayed to users logged into the server:

msg - Send a message to users RDP’d to server
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