How to reset the password in database in Prestashop 1.7

1. Navigate to /app/config folder and open the parameters.php file:


nano app/config/parameters.php

NOTE: On PrestaShop 1.5 this key is named cookie_key and is stored in app/config/

2. Under secret copy the value:

3. Navigate to the database inside PHPMyAdmin nad find the employee table

4. Browse the employee table and edit the user for which you want to change the password:

5. Fill in the following values for passwd field:

Value:The secret key we copied in step 3. and the new password

That’s it, just save and go ahead to the admin login to test the new password.


UPDATE ps_employee SET passwd = MD5('SECRETKEY+NEW-PASSWORD-HERE') WHERE ps_employee.id_employee = 1;
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