Execute commands one after the other, in order

This is called command stacking.

To stack commands, use a semicolon (;) between commands, like this:

cd /etc ; ls -l

Be very careful when command stacking, especially when deleting or moving files! Make sure what you typed is what you want!

See previous commands 🔙 you entered at the command line

To see and choose previous commands, use the up arrow. Up to 500 of your last commands are stored in .bash_history (note the period before the file name). To automatically run the previous command, use this: !! To run a command that...

Find files 🔍 using the locate command

locate = find data files, programs, directories, & objects matching your search. For example: locate license Since you usually receive quite a long list when running locate, you’ll probably want to do this: locate <search term> | more ...

Connect to an atomic clock and set the time 🕒

Insert this line at the end of /etc/rc.d/rc.local: rdate -s time.ucla.edu You can use any Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. For a full list, try . Or search Google for “ntp servers”. You can also run rdate -s time.ucla...

Turn on NumLock automatically on Linux

Add the following lines to /etc/rc.d/rc.local:

echo -n "Turning on numlock ... "
for tty in /dev/tty[1-6] /dev/tty1[2]; do
setleds -D +num < $tty &
echo "done "

A short tutorial about the 🔍 find command

I recently wrote a letter to my congressperson. I don’t remember the name of the file, but I created it less than 7 days ago, it was smaller than 100k, and it contained the work ‘Nesto’. How would I use locate to find this file...

Make an 💿 ISO image

To make an ISO from your CD/DVD, place the media in your drive but do not mount it. If it automounts, unmount it. dd if=/dev/dvd of=dvd.iso # for dvd dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.iso # for cdrom dd if=/dev/scd0 of=cd.iso # if cdrom is scsi To make an ISO...

⚠️ Error message: conflicting credentials

After you’ve set up Samba, when you try to connect to your Samba share from a Windows machine, you might get this error: “The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.” Ths occurs because you’ve...

Serve an 💿 ISO image over a network

Let’s say you want to serve an ISO image of Red Hat 7.3 over a network so that others can mount and use it. To accomplish this goal, do the following: mkdir -p /pub/redhat/os dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/pub/redhat/cd1.iso mount -o loop...