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Install WordPress 5.5 on 🐧 Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Today We’re gonna install PHP, MySQL and WordPress 5.5 on a new machine running Linux Ubuntu 20, and as a bonus, We’ll make a script to do it for us in the future. I’m running all the steps in this tutorial with root privileges, so...

linux - Working with the 🐧 Linux Shell

Working with the 🐧 Linux Shell

The shell is probably the most important tool you will use in GNU/Linux. Besides using it to enter simple commands, the shell will allow you to take “shortcuts” when entering commands and filenames. The shells allows you to redirect the...

exiwhat - Exim log 🐧

Exim log 🐧

exiwhat displays what each instance of exim is currently involved with:


To monitor the exim log in realtime, use the tail command:

tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog