Symbolic/soft links & hard 🔗 links

Symbolic/soft links & hard 🔗 links

Soft links

  • Pointers to programs, files, or directories located elsewhere (just like Windows shortcuts)
  • If the original program, file, or directory is renamed, moved, or deleted, the soft link is broken. 
  • If you type ls -F you can see which files are soft links because they end with 
  • To create a soft link called myfilelink.txt that points to a file called myfile.txt, use this:
    ln -s myfile.txt myfilelink.txt

Hard links 

  • Pointers to programs and files, but NOT directories 
  • If the original program or file is renamed, moved, or deleted, the hard link is NOT broken 
  • Hard links cannot span disk drives, so you CANNOT have a hard link on /dev/hdb that refers to a program or file on /dev/hda
  • To create a hard link called myhardlink.txt that points to a file called myfile.txt, use this:
    ln myfile.txt myhardlink.txt
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