SVN vs Git commands

Back in 2017 when I built my very first WordPress plugin I had trouble uploading it to because I’ve never used SVN before. As a Git guy I’ve never worked with SVN before and at the time I was searching all over the web for some Git to SVN command reference.

I’m sharing this now mostly for me, but also in hope that someone else might find this reference useful also. 🙂

DescriptionGIT CommandSVN Command
Copy a repositorygit clonesvn checkout
Record changes to file historygit commitsvn commit
View commit detailsgit showsvn cat
Confirm statusgit statussvn status
Check differencesgit diffsvn diff
Check loggit logsvn log
Additiongit addsvn add
Movegit mvsvn mv
Deletegit rmsvn rm
Cancel changegit resetsvn revert
Make a branchgit branchsvn copy
Switch branchgit checkoutsvn switch
Mergegit mergesvn merge
Updategit pullsvn update
Updategit fetchsvn update
It is reflected on the remotegit pushsvn commit
Ignore file list.gitignore.svnignore
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