3 Ways to Reboot AWS Instance EC2

3 Ways to Reboot AWS Instance EC2

Here are 3 different ways to restart EC2 AWS Instance:

1. Reboot EC2 Instance using AWS Console

  1. Login into your AWS EC2 Console
  2. Navigate to “Instances” and Select instance which you want to restart, right-click on it and then select “Reboot”
  3. Click “Yes, Reboot” and confirm
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2. Reboot EC2 Instance using CLI

NOTE: No success message will be shown

aws ec2 reboot-instances --instance-ids i-1234567890abcdef5

3. Reboot EC2 Instance using Powershell

For Powershell you will need to create AWS key:

  1. Go to your account, select Security Credentials and create an AWS access key and secret key.
  2. Open Power-Shell for AWS, then add your AWS Access Key and Secret Key.
  3. Get your instance ID by using this URL from EC2 instance


4. Restart the instance with command:

Restart-EC2Instance -InstanceId i-12345678?
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