(Useless) cPanel Tips

These are some tips that I picked up over the years working with cPanel & WHM.

Set Unlimited email quota in cPanel

In cPanel email quota is saved for each domain name in a quota file located inside /home/username/etc/domain.com/

image 19 - (Useless) cPanel Tips

So to set an unlimited quota for an email account simply remove the numbers from this file:

image 18 - (Useless) cPanel Tips

phpinfo.php file for default PHP version

Often when checking limits or extensions we find ourselves creating a phpinfo.php file inside the website directory. But did you know that there is also a pre-made phpinfo.php file visible to cpanel users? By navigating to phpinfo.php

NOTE: this file will output information only for the default PHP version set in WHM.

image 40 - (Useless) cPanel Tips

env.cgi file

Another interesting file that is only accessible to logged-in cpanel users is the env.cgi file that displays all environmental variables such as IP, username, password, cp_session, etc.

image 41 - (Useless) cPanel Tips

For more information read: cPanel information disclosure via env.cgi file

Password strength checker

Another script that is used by cpanel to check password strength is passwordstrength.cgi – by calling this script and adding password= parameter in the URL, a logged in user can check his password strength.

image 42 - (Useless) cPanel Tips

Add your password at the end and the script will simply output the strength in the range from 0 to 100.

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