cPanel is an online Linux-based control panel that simplifies website and server management.

cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more.

Set default Timezone via htaccess in cPanel

Here in how to change the default Time Zone permanently in cPanel using the .htaccess file Step 1. First, check you current time yone settings using a simple .php script like this: <?php echo "Today is " . date("Y/m/d") . "<br>"; echo "The...

PHP Script to check for open ports

Here is a simple PHP script that you can use to test if a port is open on the server or not. <?php $host = $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']; $ports = array(21, 25, 80, 81, 110, 443, 3306); foreach ($ports as $port) { $connection = @fsockopen($host...

How to Whitelist a domain name in CSF

If you use dynamic DNS privately and need to whitelist a hostname or domain name in cPanel/WHM, you can use the DYNDNS feature of ConfigServer Security and Firewall plugin. csf.dyndns is a file that is specifically used for allowing hostnames in CSF...

How to disable all cPanel LFD alerts

If clients are complaining for dozens of LFD alerts from their VPS’s running cPanel here is how to completely disable those email alerts. Here are two ways to disable LFD alerts: From WHM > ConfigServer Security & FirewallFrom the...

WHO deleted files in cPanel and where from

Check the following log files:

To check if the files were deleted using FTP


To check if the files were deleted using file manager


If the files were deleted using shell access


Create bulk email accounts in cPanel

Lately I’ve been dealing a lot with email accounts in cPanel: Bulk change cPanel mailbox quota for all email ✉️ accounts and Bulk delete ✉️ email forwarders in cPanel. Here is how to bulk create email accounts in...

Check when the last cPanel Upgrade was done

First, get the current version of cPanel

cat /usr/local/cpanel/version

and just grep for that version number in update logs:

grep PUT-YOUR-VERSION-HERE /var/cpanel/updatelogs/*

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Top 10 Web Hosting Control Panels 🔝🔟

Quick List of the Best Web Hosting Control Panels cPanel – Best Linux-only web hosting control panel for users who want a control panel that’s tried and tested over the yearsPlesk – Perfect Windows/Linux web hosting control panel for users who want...

How to disable Mod_Sec for a specific folder/file

On a WordPress website that is protected with ModSecurity, when admin edits pages using Elementor or Gutenber in wp-admin dashboard, ModSecurity may falsely detect it as XSS attack. What we usually do is disable specific rules that create this false...

How to stop xmlrpc.php attacks on Cpanel / WHM is a WordPress file that was intended to be used for API’s but lately it’s more and more used as a way for hackers to brute-force WordPress installations. To block access to xmlrpc.php on a single WordPress installation add...