💻 Computer Networking

💻 Computer Networking

Computer networking is a term that refers both to the use of wired and wireless connections between computers and hardware devices for the purpose of transmitting data and to the field of computer science that involves the creation of these types of networks. Since the invention of the internet and the globalization of business, the use of computer networking has increased significantly. Many businesses and private individuals now rely on the internet, which is the largest computer network in existence, for the transmission of information and as a means of communication.

A computer network is a collection of computers and other hardware devices which are connected to each other and which can therefore send data to each other. There can be a lot of variation between different computer networks, both in terms of the components from which they are made and in terms of the way in which they have been set up.

Computer networking can involve the creation and use of many different types of network, including the internet. A local area network or LAN is a small network that serves a specific geographic area, such as a single building. A metropolitan area network or MAN is a medium sized network, which may serve a particular city. A wide area network or WAN is used over a larger geographic area. The wide range of different types of networks that can be created means that setting up a computer network can be a complicated business. Computer networks can also be classified according to the method through which the components are connected, such as whether they are wireless or wired networks.

Computer networking can be useful for many different purposes. It enables computer users to access the internet, and to communicate with other computers, either in the local network or online. Networking can also enable computer users to share hardware, for example by connecting multiple computers to a single scanner or printer. It also makes it possible for users to share files and data between computers, which can be particularly useful in offices, when users may need to share documents and information with one another.

The terms computer networking and data communications are both used to refer to the field of engineering that works on enabling communication between hardware devices. Computer networking can be considered to be part of the fields of telecommunications or information technology. Working in computer networking requires a logical and practical mind, as well as a lot of specialist information. Anyone who wants to work in this field will need to have a good understanding of the current technology, and a willingness to continue learning more about computer networking and the new technologies that are constantly being developed.

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