Apache is a free Web server, that according to a Netcraft Web server survey, powers more than 60% of all Web sites on the Internet. Apache runs on most operating systems including Linux, Windows, Solaris, Digital UNIX, AmigaOS, etc.

Apache Tomcat Dashboard - ⚙️ Apache Tomcat: Check Version

⚙️ Apache Tomcat: Check Version

In this quick article I'll show you how you can check Apache Tomcat version. We will be using only the cmd and a method from catalina.jar

Apache mod rewrite vulnerability - ⚠️ CVE-2011-3368

⚠️ CVE-2011-3368

The information has been provided by Rodrigo Marcos. A recent Apache vulnerability has been made public whereby an attacker could gain unauthorised access to content in the DMZ network: The mod_proxy module in the Apache HTTP Server 1...

slowloris - 🦥 Slowloris DDoS Attack

🦥 Slowloris DDoS Attack

Slowloris is a denial-of-service attack program that allows an attacker to overwhelm a targeted server by opening and maintaining many simultaneous HTTP connections between the attacker and the target.

apache index - Disable directory index 📁 on Apache

Disable directory index 📁 on Apache

When Apache Directory Index is enabled, if you browse to a url that have no index file present, you will see list of all files. This is not good for securiy as hackers can see all files present in the directory.